Germany’s capital, Berlin attracts visitors all year round with its edgy urban culture and exciting atmosphere.

There’s always something cool to do in the hub of German art and culture, whether it’s taking in a classic German opera, checking out a piece of experimental theatre in a funky underground venue or drinking in the magic of the Berlin Festival of lights. Stately historical monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate and German Parliament alongside futuristic shopping malls and art galleries make Berlin a holiday destination with something special for everyone. What better place to start your Berlin sightseeing than with 360 degree views from the top of the tallest building in Germany, the Berliner Fernsehturm. The television tower stands at an impressive 368 metres tall and from here you can get a good feel for the layout and massive expanse of the city of Berlin.

Berlin is a shopping paradise.

From traditional and new department stores, modern shopping malls, luxury designer shops to small handcraft manufactures, flea and antique markets and bargain stores – you’ll find it all. One of the best places is KaDeWe which is the largest department store in continental Europe, it stocks quite an impressive range of high end designers, and has recently tried to get rid of its stuffy image by bringing in upbeat, fun younger labels such as Alice+Olivia and London shoe brand Buffalo. The food floor at the top is still the main attraction, and the rooftop café with its glass roof is the best place in town for a post-shopping cappuccino.

Berlin is also a great city for dining out, with restaurants to suit every pocket. Budget conscious backpacker can always stop off at an lmbiss (snack). These are usually small huts with few tables outside where you can stand and eat your Bratwurst in a bun. Or do as a Berliner does: have a currywurst. The currywurst is a berlin tradition – like Bockwurst, but smoked and boiled instead of grilled, then sliced up and served in thick curry flavoured ketchup….Yum!

There are many words to describe the club scene in Berlin. From Electro and pop, to Indie, Rock, and contemporary live music, you can club in Berlin to your hearts content. So get on the dance floor, and enjoy an unpretentious, affordable, and unforgettable night in the city that really never sleeps.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

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