Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River.

The city is referred to as the fine wines capital of the world. It is located in South Western France. Bordeaux is also the capital of the Aquitaine region. When you approach the city from the south along the river it is just stunning. In 2007 the city was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status. Bordeaux is known for its excellent restaurants, wonderful museums and art galleries, fantastic nightlife and its old eighteenth century feel. One of the most exciting things to experience would have to be Spa de Vinotherapie Caudalie, here you can take a red wine bath, enjoy a Merlot wrap or order a Carbernet body scrub.

Garonne river Bordeaux

Garonne river Bordeaux

In Bordeaux they welcome you to their vineyards all year round and when it comes to eateries you really can take your pick. Bordeaux is full of Michelin star restaurants, one of the favourites being Le Chapon Fin. If you enjoy Chinese and Italian food then head to Rue St-Remi and place du Parlement, were you will find plenty to choose from. According to some Bordeaux is even ahead of Paris for restaurant experiences. If you love Japanese food then the premier Japanese restaurant Moshi Moshi is a must.

Bordeaux like most French cities is known for its luxury shopping and department stores, with many French and international brands on sale. The city is relatively easy to walk around, allowing plenty of opportunity to browse in shop windows of its many independent shops. Make sure to take a walk down rue Sainte-Catherine which is an amazing shopping street that’s over 2km long. The street is full of all sorts of shops and café’s to explore. Another great place to shop would be Meriadeck shopping centre which has a multitude of shops such as Naf Naf, H&M and Brioche Doree.

If you wish to learn about the art of Bordeaux then make sure you explore its wonderful Museums. The Museum of Fine Arts has a vast collection of art from the 17th to 20th century. Among the many works by French and European artists, you can see Delacroix’s famous painting La Grece Sur Les Ruines De Missolonghi. The Museum of Decorative Art is also worth a visit because it features classic furniture, decorative paintings, and sculptures. If the history of Bordeaux interests you then head to the Natural History Museum here you will learn plenty.

From theatre to gambling Bordeaux offers a wide variety of night time activities. You will find a great selection of venues scattered around the city. Quai du Paludate is very popular and full of bars and clubs. Other great places to check out at night are Gambetta, Place du Parlement and Place de la Victoire. No matter what you are looking for at night you will definitely find it in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Grand Théâtre

Bordeaux Grand Théâtre



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