Cardiff is the capital of Wales and over the years has blossomed into one of the most inviting cities of Britain.

It reveals a range of attractions, such as the National Museum, Cardiff Bay, the wonderful Millennium Stadium, stunning parks, wonderful restaurants and fantastic art galleries. You will find Cardiff has something to offer for everyone.

Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium






Cardiff is the home of the BBC Wales studios and is the filming location for Doctor Who. Next door you will also find the brand new Doctor Who experience, which is packed with amazing special effects and exclusive filming with Matt Smith. So if you are a Doctor Who fan make sure to check this out.

Over the years Cardiff has gained a reputation for being a sporting capital, thanks to its great quality of the events and facilities. Cardiff’s sporting facilities compete with some of the best in the world, with world class stadiums for rugby, cricket, athletics and an international sports village, that offers an Olympic size swimming pool. It’s just a sports fan’s dream come true.

The West End has gained a reputation for being the centre of Cardiff’s nightlife, with St Mary’s Street, Mill Lane and the Brewery Quarter; you will definitely find what it is you like in terms of drinking, dancing, eating and socializing. A couple of known choices in the West End are Walkabout, the Gala Casino, K2 nightclub, Bar Emporium and the Great Western. You will find Wednesday night is busy because the university crowds tend to hit the town for student nights at various venues.

The entertainment scene in Cardiff features opera, ballet, musicals, plus music from world class acts. Live music is the heart of Cardiff’s entertainment scene, with gigs and performances on somewhere every night of the week. You will find Cardiff really does have something to suit every taste. One of the most popular venues is the New Theatre which always offers a wide selection of shows.

If you are in the mood to shop then Cardiff is sure to have what you are looking for. With it being another capital it has all the major stores you’d expect. What make’s shopping a pleasure in Cardiff is the compact city centre and the authentic Victorian and Edwardian arcades. Make sure to visit St David’s shopping centre with its great choice of over 100 stores, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Don’t forget that if you are new to Cardiff you might wish to try one of the guided tours. The cardiff Bay tour is a popular choice. Having a guide that knows their subject can actually make a big difference. Tours can be specific to Cardiff or further afield, and can focus on wildlife and the environment, ghostly goings on, or Welsh culture. Weather you wish to travel in a group, individually or have a luxury customised tour you’re sure to find the right tour for you.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay




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