Genoa is located in north western Italy. It was made famous by Christopher Columbus.

It features many famous landmarks and interesting tourist attractions. It’s one of Europe’s largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the largest seaport in Italy. It also has the second largest aquarium in Europe (Genoa Aquarium), which welcomes well over one million visitors a year. Other top tourist attractions are located either near Genoa’s main square (Piazza de Ferrari) or by the old Port of Genoa. They include the Palazzo Ducale, the 13th century San Laenzo Cathedral, the National Gallery and the Grand Bigo.




Genoa has many interesting festivals one of Italy’s most exciting is the historic regatta. It is held in the first weekend of June, every four years. Boatmen from the ancient maritime republics of Amalfi, Genova, Pisa and Venezi compete in rowing races on the Grand Canal commemorate. The cities festivals celebrate everything from poetry and ballet, to regional gastronomy and the works of Genoa’s celebrated violinist, Paganini. Genoa hosts many sporting events and trade fairs, which are usually publicized in local newspapers and by the local tourist office. One of the most popular events is the holiday on ice show that takes place mid-April. Genoa’s Mazda Palace becomes the stage for dozens of international-renowned skaters as they perform an ice spectacular.

When it comes to eating out in Genoa you could spend several days looking for that perfect place. The cheapest places to eat you will find around the port, but are often only open at lunchtime. Other popular places include Le Colonne di San Bernardo, Da Franco, Ugo Tri Merli and Ombre Rosse. All these restaurants have that enchanting authentic atmosphere with home cooked traditional Italian fresh seafood dishes. If Italian food isn’t your thing then Genoa has plenty of other eateries. A huge favourite is the Bombay Palace Indian restaurant which is located right in the centre of the city. Another popular restaurant with tourists is Wo Zen which is a Chinese/Thai restaurant, also located in the centre of the city.

You will find great places to shop in Genoa. It’s relatively easy to walk around and there is no shortage of busy shopping streets to explore. The old town district offers some of the best shopping, with historic streets that are full of character. It has a great historical covered shopping mall in the centre of the city. Genoa has everything a shopper needs from luxury boutiques, antique stores, gourmet food shops and department stores. If you are looking for designer fashions then the shops can be found along the Via Settembre, Via Luccoli, Via Brigata and Via San Luca. You will also find near the train station is a large shopping centre called Fiumara, which is great because not only does it have a large selection of shops, it also has entertainment venues like bowling alleys and pool halls.

Genoa has one of the most, if not the most active nightlife scenes in all of Liguria on the Italian Riviera. You’ll find a number of bars, clubs and late night venues to choose from. The old part of the town is where most of the fun happens but out on the waterfront by the marina is where the high end clubs are located. The average person can come in and swap tales of travelling the high seas with ‘around the world yachters. If you are not interested in drinking and partying then the Teatre Carlo Felice is a great night out, it’s a restored theatre with classical music, opera and ballet presentations.






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