Germany offers breathtaking scenery, historic towns and villages, plus 200 long distance cycle routes covering over 70,000 kilometres.

It may not be an obvious choice for a traditional laid back holiday, but with its medieval spirit it’s definitely a country we all should explore. Some of the best things that you shouldn’t miss out on seeing are the Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castle, Berchtesgaden National Park, The Romantic Road, Cathedral of Cologne, Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Museumsinsel (Museum Island), the Black Forest and Europe Park.













The nightlife in Germany is very lively with bars and clubs that don’t close until dawn. From elegant cocktail bars, underground clubs, hip music venues, and old war theatres, when it comes to a great night out Germany really does have it all. In Germany a night out is relatively cheap and you rarely pay more than 10 Euros to get into a club. You’ll find it’s always possible to find a bar that will serve beer all night long, if you want it.

When it comes to shopping you’ll find plenty of places to shop in the major cities, with the majority of the options being in the centre. You’ll find great shopping centre’s selling just about everything the heart desires, from designer clothing to shoes and handbags. Germany is also known for its wonderful markets, especially at Christmas time. These are historic Christmas markets, held in cities throughout the country, they are becoming more and more popular every year, due to the enchanting Festival Season atmosphere the evoke.

Here is a list of the top ten cities in Germany. I will be going more in depth about these cities soon:-

1. BerlinBeing the German capital and also the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a must. The city is most famous because of Brandenburg Gate. Over the years the city has quickly emerged as the most cosmopolitan and exciting city in Germany.

MunichIs the capital of Bavaria, and also one of the most beautiful and green cities in Germany. It’s known for its first class museums and its traditional German architecture.

3. DusseldorfThis city is most famous for its luxury shopping street Koenigsallee. It has an interesting mix of old and new, from traditional breweries to beautiful architecture by Ghery and Chipperfield.

4. Cologne – This is one of Germany’s oldest cities. It’s well known for its excellent museums, art scene, carnival celebrations and mostly the beautiful Cathedral of Cologne.

5. Frankfurt – Is the financial centre of the country. The city lies in the heart of Germany and is known for its beautiful museums, cobble streets and for playing host to many of the countries important events.

6. Hamburg This city is home to one of the biggest harbours in Europe. The city is known as the “Venice of the North” and a fine dining experience along the river or a night out in the university quarter is a must.

7. Dresden This beautiful city is set on the banks of the river Elbe. It’s lush and green filled with forests, gardens and parks. The city is filled with culture and artistic history.

8. Heidelberg – Is known for its historic city centre, Gothic Streets, Heidelberg Castle, Philosophers way and its beautiful 18th century bridge, Alte Brucke.

9. Nuremberg Has some of the finest churches in Germany. The old part of the city lies mainly within a pedestrian zone, allowing you to see historic ruins as well as more modern sites, such as the Justice Palace.

10.StuttgartIs known for being the home of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, but also play host to some wonderful theatre’s, museums and its own vineyards.

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