Ireland is a small, independent country located at the very western edge of Europe.

Dublin is the capital and the largest city. The country occupies about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. The remaining one-sixth of the island is occupied by Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.


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Many people consider the Irish warm-hearted and friendly. The Irish also have a reputation for hospitality, close family ties, and skill as writers and storytellers.

Ireland’s nightlife is world-renowned. From cosy country pubs to lively city nightclubs and cafes, there is something for everyone here. The pub is still the centre of the Irish nightlife and is a great place for talking, meeting people, catching up on some local gossip, eating, drinking and generally having a good time.

Traditional pubs are still the most common type in the country with the basic pleasures of good beer, good conversation and few frills. Local musicians often play at such places, so if that is what you are after it is usually worth asking round.

I am going to go into depth, here on my blog, about the top ten best cities to travel to in Ireland. Here is the list of the top ten.

1. Dublin – the capital of Ireland and the largest city.

2. Galway – Galway or City of Galway is a city on the west coast of Ireland.

3. Cork – Is on the south coast, and is the second largest city in Ireland.

4. Wicklow – Is less than one hour south of Dublin city centre. It is known to some people as “The garden of Ireland”.

5. Belfast – Is the capital and the largest city in Northern Ireland. Birthplace of the Titanic

6. Waterford – Is the oldest city in Ireland and is located in the South East Region.

7. Sligo – Is located in the Northwest of Ireland, about 135 miles from Dublin.

8. Kilkenny – Is located in the South East of Ireland, built on both banks of the River Nore.

9. Donegal – Is perched on the north-western seaboard of Ireland, exposed to the Atlantic ocean.

10. Killarney – Is a town in County Kerry located in the south west of Ireland. The town is on the North-eastern shore of Lough Leane, which is part of Killarney National Park.

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