Italy is a fantastic country for tourism

With its friendly people, beautiful language, amazing history & great food. It’s a wonderful country to visit. You could live in Italy your whole life and still find something new and wonderful to see, just around the corner. You could visit Italy for a month and get to see a different UNESCO World Heritage site each day.














The nightlife in Italy can be different to other places in Europe. In some parts of Italy you will find the bars are full of families, enjoying each others company and good food, very civilized. In the major cities the nightlife tends to be much more vibrant. You tend to find students dancing in nightclubs to the latest music that’s on the scene.

Shopping in Italy can be so much fun. You will find fantastic markets, shopping centres and a wide selection of wonderful side street shops. You will find a wide selection of good quality leather products, such as coats, clothes and bags. You will find clothes in stores from some of Italy’s famous designers. The markets are also a fun place to shop, but only tend to run once a week. You can also bargain almost anywhere, well except for supermarkets.

Here is the list of the top ten best cities to travel to in Italy. I will be talking about each city in more depth, later in my blog :-

1.   RomeIs the capital of Italy and also the capital of Lazio. It is also the fourth most populated city in Europe. It’s just full of history everywhere you look. Not surprising for a city that spans two and a half thousand years. It is also ranked the 28th most important global city.

2.   VeniceA unique city which is built on water in the middle of a lagoon. It’s one of Italy’s most romantic cities, and is known for its beautiful museums, palaces and churches. Venice is in the northeast of Italy.

3.   Florence Is known for its very interesting museums with very famous paintings and sculptures. You will also find very beautiful gardens and Medici palaces.

4.   Milan One of the richest cities in Europe. It’s known for having stylish shops, restaurants, amazing galleries & a very fast pace of life. It is also know for its world famous opera house, La Scala.

5.   Turin Is a very industrial city that lies in the north western corner of Italy. It’s a very technological and architectural town, with a variety of art galleries, churches & palaces.

6.   BolognaIs located in the northern section of Italy and is known as the food capital. It’s the home of the oldest university in the world and looks up to the Apennine Mountains.

7.   VeronaWell known for sights like the Roman Arena, the Roman amphitheatre, its art museums & the Verona Cathedral. It’s perhaps one of the most famous destinations in north east Italy.

8.   NaplesIs famous for being the birthplace of pizza. You will find no shortage of pizza places here. It is also known for its amazing National Archaeological Museum & the world famous Duomo (Naples Cathedral).

9.   GenoaThis city was made famous by Christopher Columbus, but also has the second largest aquarium in Europe. The aquarium welcomes well over one million visitors a year.

10.   PerugiaIs located in the middle of Italy. It’s the capital city of the Umbria region. It’s famous for its Jazz festival.  It’s also supposed to be one of the best places to learn the Italian language. The city is also well known for its artistic value.

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