Kilkenny is a very popular tourist destination, built on the banks of the River Nore, in the south-east of Ireland.

It is known as the medieval capital of Ireland. You will find a castle, a beautiful medieval cathedral, lots of restaurants, many pubs & much more beautiful places to see. Kilkenny is also known as the ‘Marble City’ because of its local black limestone that you will see, which looks like a slate-coloured marble.

Dunmore Cave

Dunmore Cave, Kilkenny



You may wish to visit Dunmore Cave in Kilkenny, where you will find a series of chambers that where formed over millions of years. You will find exhibitions and displays in the visitor centre. If you love history then you will love the Annals which tell you of a Viking massacre that happened at the cave in the year 928 A.D.

You will find many gift shops, boutiques, book stores, shoe shops, craft shops along a popular street called High Street. You will also find a number of shopping centres, one of the best being the McDonagh Junction Shopping Centre which consists of over 50 shops, restaurants, plus a great bowling centre. A fantastic farmers market takes place every Thursday morning in the farmer’s yard which is in the city centre.

The nightlife in Kilkenny is always very lively with plenty going on. You will find pubs, theatres, nightclubs, festivals & live traditional music. The streets & pubs are always busy with people having a great time. You will also find the Kilkenny Cineplex Cinema to be of interest if you wish to watch a film. They have late shows on Friday & Saturday nights.


Panorama of Kilkenny

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