London is the capital of Great Britain

and is also one of the world’s capitals of finance, fashion and entertainment. It’s one of Europe’s most visited cities with many things to see and do. Two of the most popular things to visit are The Tower of London and The London Eye.

London Eye

London Eye and County Hall in evening light


Or maybe you wish to see a West End Musical or visit Shakespeare’s Globe, what’s great about this huge city is it has something for everyone.

London is full of wonderful restaurants such as Hard Rock Café, The Ledbury, Café Rouge, Belgo Centraal and many more. You are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat out in this huge city. London is also known for its luxury shops like Harrods, small retail outlets on Dover Street Market, bargain fashions at London’s markets and also big London shopping centres like Westfield. This is a city with something for every taste or budget.

Make sure to enjoy a night out in one of London’s great pubs. All around the city you will find traditional pubs with great English names like “The Dog and Duck”, some may be chain pubs, mass marketed to get tourists in who want that authentic British pub experience, it can be hard to tell the difference at times. You may wish to get off the beaten path in order to find that true British pub experience. For those looking for the more up market bars then you might want to head to the West End and visit bars such as Cocoon, Moose or Nobu on Berkeley Square, be prepared to spend anything from £13 to £20 per drink though.

London’s nightlife is lively and fun but if you need something more peaceful to do then why not head to one of London’s parks like Kensington Gardens (A Royal Park) and take a walk around one of the lakes. Kensington Gardens has many attractions to offer, such as a statue of Peter Pan, Albert Memorial and the Serpentine Art Gallery. Kensington Gardens is always less busy than other parks like St James’s or Hyde Park, even though they all have wonderful attractions to offer.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Statue

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