The Netherlands is located in Western Europe.

It is mostly low-lying and located at the mouths of three major European rivers (Rhine, Meuse, and Schelde). It’s known for its rich culture heritage, its painters, windmills, clogs and tulips. The Netherlands has so much to offer tourists from the romantic medieval Loevestein castle, the Mills of Kinderdijk, spectacular museums and of course the wonderful canals of Amsterdam. Wherever you go in the Netherlands, do as the Dutch do and explore it from the seat of a bicycle. The best place to start is the capital, Amsterdam, take a ride along its peaceful canals.
















One thing for sure the nightlife and eating out in the Netherlands can be very diverse. Make sure to try rijsttafel (a Dutch take on Indonesian food). In all of the popular cities you will find theatres, cafes, cinemas, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. A night out in the Netherlands can be something of an eye-opener for the first time visitor. There are no official licensing hours, so it is possible in the big cities to get a drink more or less at any time. Look for the brown cafes because they are an institution, they are the equivalent to the local pub.

Shopping can also be lots of fun in the Netherlands. You will find a number of shopping centres, where you can find things from local handicrafts to high end fashionable objects. There are a number of shopping malls and markets, which are also worth visiting. A very popular place to visit is Nieuwe Spiegelstraat & Spiegelgracht, which is an antiquing paradise. You will find very old china dolls, rare books, puppets, paintings, antique clocks, and much, much more.

Here is a list of the top ten cities in Germany. I will be going more in depth about these cities soon:-

1.  AmsterdamThis is the capital of the Netherlands and is also a beautiful corner of the world; a place where classical music, canals, imposing architecture and artistic museums are very much part of life.

2. The Hague Known for its amazing nightlife but for also being at the heart of Europe’s news stories, it’s a small place brought to fame by the development of the EU.

Rotterdam Is mainly known for its harbour which is the largest port in Europe (used to be the largest in the world), and has been awarded best port in the world many times.

4. Maastricht – Is the Southernmost city in the Netherlands. It’s a major destination for travellers, not only because of its medieval architecture but also for its laid back vibe.

5. UtrechtThis is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. It was founded by the Romans in 48 A.D. It is here where the Roman Empire stopped at the shore of the Rhine River.

6. Delft – Is a small picturesque city in the South of the Netherlands. It’s famous for its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange Nassau.

Leiden – A perfect scenic place for a canal boat ride on the Old Rhine. The city is known for being one of the most important museum cities in the Netherlands.

8. Groningen This city is known throughout the Netherlands for its large number of students, its rich history life and culture. It’s also well known for its wonderful museums.

9. Harlingen This city is located in the North on the Wadden Sea. It’s a very popular for fishing. Visitors can enjoy a number of fun activities such as sleeping in the lighthouse or in a harbour crane.

10. Den Bosch – A beautiful medieval city located in the South of the Netherlands, known for its well preserved fortresses. Every city landmark is located at a walking distance, so its well worth exploring by foot.

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