Poland is a country that is full of history. You’ll find plenty to do from kayaking to cliff diving.

Discover great museums, theatres, casinos and even several areas of natural beauty. Some of the best places to visit are Bialowieza National Park, The Krakow Gate, The Collegium Maius, Malbork Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine, The 100 bridges in Wroclaw, Chopin’s Manor House, The Raclawice Panorama, Auschwitz and The Black Madonna Icon. In Poland Gothic castles, old market squares and historic tenements mingle with glossy business centres, posh restaurants and a free spirited artistic scene.

Poland flag

Poland flag








Modern shopping centre’s are in all the major cities. You will also find market places are very popular and are usually located close to the city centres. The historical centres of the largest cities are usually full of art galleries, craft and antique shops. You’ll find a large amount of supermarkets belonging to international chains that are often open seven days a week until late. In Poland you can shop where you like and how you like. In the main streets of large cities you’ll find luxurious boutiques and café bookstores, with coffee tables placed between bookshelves.

When it comes to entertainment, theatres and dining places Poland has it all. It’s filled with fascinating venues, in which you can spend several hours enjoying yourself. Polish people really know how to have fun. Every year you will find new clubs, disco’s and even concert halls are created every year. In every large town you will find everything that has been created in the field of night entertainment and night clubs: from live-acts to drag queens. You can listen to old jazz music or participate in a poetic gathering.

Here is a list of the top ten cities in Poland. I will be going more in depth about these cities soon:-

1. Warsaw – This city has a very old feel to it. Being Poland’s capital it has become difficult to match in terms of contemporary entertainment, with an enviable nightlife and manic music scene.

2. Krakow – Still by far Poland’s most popular tourist destination. This beautiful city is full of history and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, so it’s definitely one of the best.

3. Gdansk – Is situated in Northern Poland along the Baltic Sea with a population of 458,053. The architecture of the city is among the nicest in Europe.

4. Zakopane – Is a very popular city due to being the capital of Polish Tarta Mountains. The population is only about 30 thousand, but every year around 2 million tourists visit the city.

5. Poznan – A very well known student city with always something going on at the old market square. It’s a very photogenic place, known for its history.

6. Warclaw – Established for centuries as one of the most important cities in the country, with Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Germany all claiming the city at one point or another over the course of history.

7. Karpacz – A typical mountain city, located at the foot of Sniezka Mountain in Lominica valley. The area includes the most attractive eastern part of mountain ridge.

8. Sopot – Located in Northern Poland on the Southern Coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s a beautiful large tourist resort destination, well known for the longest wooden pier in Europe.

9. Auschwitz – Is an ancient city in its own right, with the first mention of it dating back to 1117. The city has a blend of ancient architecture mixed with a reserved and quiet atmosphere.

10. Lodz – This city lies near the centre of Poland and is the second largest. Lodz is known for having the longest commercial street, Ul. Piotrkowska, which is just under 5kms long.

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