All around the world, Auschwitz is known for having the biggest mass murder throughout human history. Auschwitz is a German word known as ‘Oswiecim’, which existed there prior to the Second World War.

The most economical way to visit Auschwitz is thru hitch-hiking, obviously. It is not that widespread in Poland so it is very unlikely to be a dependable transport ways.

Public transport could be a much better choice which covers trains & buses both. Here, buses can be much more economical & typically fasters as compared to the trains hence it’s good to travel in buses. They depart from Krakow from the Main Bus Station. In Polish, it’s pro-nounced as Regionalny Dworzec Autobusowy. This is situated near Galeria Krakowska shopping mall.

From the start of May till the end of Oct, entry to the Auschwitz Gallery is restricted for single travelers by opening hrs. You are able to explore Auswitch I in between 10 am – 3 pm with the help of native guides only. You may also join larger group & sightsee which begins after every hour (English language). However, tour along with the Polish guide can be a a lot inexpensive as compared than the rest.
Normally, to visit the most significant sites in Birkenau & Auschwitz, you require a minimum of three hours, i.e., one hour in Birkenau & two hours in Auschwitz I. But in case you want to travel every block & barrack within both the camps then, even one whole day won’t be enough for you. Auschwitz Gallery organize a few stadium tours which can last two days covering every single region in both the campsites.

Personal tours seem to be the costliest way to reach Auschwitz, particularly if you have only two to three people traveling.

For people who love to drive, it is good to get a car on a lease or simply bring your own. The petrol rates are slightly cheaper as compared to others European countries.

Due to its past as a medieval city, Auschwitz is laid out similar to several other medieval towns across the Europe. You’ll see the Sola River passing thru the middle of the city. Also, you will see museums in addition to several medieval constructions to wonder at In addition, the Polish hospitality along with the food are almost as excellent here as any other place in this country.



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