Hiking and winter sports still remain the top reason why one must travel to Karpacz. Amateur walkers can enjoy taking different routes on the Karkonosze Mounts, particularly the one which goes up towards the topmost part of the Snow Mount.
Actually this city is most perfect to start off your trip since you will find various well marked paths here that are graded according to their difficult levels leading towards the Karkonosze Mount.

The Karpacz area stay snow bound till the later part of the spring, at times even till April. Skiers can find perfect situation son several slopes & extended skiing paths. Conveniences such as ski-lifts, ski-runs & chair lifts flourish here. You can find several ski slopes in Karpacz which are ideal for beginners as well as kids. Facilities such as ski rentals and drag lifts are also offered by the ski-slopes.

In case you are a great lover of ice-skating, then a travel to the local skating arena is a must for you. And if you favor more extreme sports like ski-jumping, the place even has that. The ski-jump, Orlinek, is well known for the contests which it hosted during the early periods where popular participants such as Adam Malysz used to participate in the battles. In the summer period, ski-jumping can be a superb point in order to enjoy the scenic charm of the city.

For experienced ski-divers, Sniezka skiing complex provides 6 ski trails of different difficulty levels. In addition, they’re are armed with artificial snow producing machines in order to make sure you get ideal skiing conditions as well. In the topmost part of the city, you will see a lovely ski-run that can be perfect for cross country skiing.

Other Attractions:

In case you are able to get some additional time from all the wild sports activity, pay a visit to the Wang temple which was erected in the thirteenth century. Created out of wood carried from Southern part of Norway, it’s constructed as per the conventional forms of Scandinavian temples that syndicates the features of Roman style with the Nordic practice.

For the individuals who would like to know the past of the town more than any other thing, a journey towards the Sports & Tourism Gallery of the Karkonosze area is highly recommended. The place will help you get familiarized with the history of Karpacz as a mining city & astonishingly as a site which is famous for different types of herbs too.



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