Lodz has long been an appealing attraction for tourists in Poland. Located in the central part of the country, Lodz has everything it needs to be the heart of the cultural, economical, and tourism industry in Poland. Its characters and celebrated events have shaped the modern Polish notion in the middle of European classic atmosphere.

Hereunder are the reasons behind the name.
– The largest industrial complexes in Poland
– The best preserved example of the 19th century textile city in Poland
– The largest Jewish Cemetery in Poland
– The longest trade route in Europe
– The most original means of transport in Poland
– The oldest collection of modern art in Poland
– and many more
What to See and Do in Lodz
Local Means of Transport
The means of transportation in Lodz is the most original in Poland. In Lodz, tourists can travel within the city by riding trambus, a replica of the historic tram Herbrand, and rickshaws in order to enjoy an antique ride within the city. Or, tourists can try Segway, an electricity-powered vehicle with two wheels mounted on one axis. It is safe thanks to its computerized balancing system.
Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street is a nearly-5-km street occupied with malls, markets, restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas and museums – the longest commercial street in Europe. The street is also worth visiting for its historical buildings dotted along the street like the White Factory. The street is a great place to take a walk, eat out and shop!
• Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a rare, fine example of Othodox architecture in Lodz. The structure has the taste of the Russian Empire and looks similar with other cathedrals of the same name everywhere Europe. The cathedaral was named after the Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Lagiewnicki Forest and Lodz Hills Landscape Park
Lodz is a green environmental city. It has over 34 parks in which 11 of them are national monuments. The existence of the parks has made Lodz the greenest city in Poland. Lagiewnicki Forest and Lodz Hills Landscape Park are one of the most notable forest and park in Poland, and Europe. Tourists can opt to take a stroll or ride bicycles around the greenish.
Old City Park Palm House
Old City Park Palm House is the outstanding botanical garden in Lodz. This attraction is often visited in the summer.
Museums And Art Galleries
Lodz is home for museums and art galleries in Poland. It has the first of modern art museum in Europe, Muzeum Sztuki. Tourists can also learn about some notable individuals originated from Lodz in the Myzeum Historili Miasta Lodzi. Other famous museums include the Textile Museum, the File Museum, and the Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture.
The Teatr Wielki
The Teatr Wielki is the main opera house in Lodz. It has regular performances throughout the year – recommended for fans of ballet, operetta, and opera.
Throughout the year, Lodz has a few famous local festivals. Among them are the Festival of Photography in May, the Four Cultures Festival in September, the Explorers Festival in November, the Film Festival, the Design Festival, the Festival of Music Producers and other unique festivals. Tourists can acquaint with the city and the locals through their participation in the festivals.
The Manufaktura Shopping Mall
The Manufaktura is the largest mall in Lodz. Within the mall, there is a hotel, art gallery, museum, and cinema. It is a lively place tourists must visit to relax.
The Jewish Cemetery
The Jewish Cemetery is located at Bracka Street. The cemetery was built in 1892 and has been one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. In 2014, the 39.6-hectare cemetery has 180,000 graves, 65,000 labelled ohels, tombstones, and mausoleums. The cemetery has exquisite architectural value.


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