Sopot is amongst one of the country’s most popular cities & is also very fashionable. The name of this town is thought to be derived from the ancient Slavic term sopot which means “spring” or “stream”. The term was initially verified as Sopoth during the year 1283 & Sopot during the year 1291.

It’s one of the country’s most famous towns and is extremely fashionable particularly in the summer months when it often feels that half of the capital has decamped here to see and be seen.

The city became the summer capital & playground for several ruling classes in the Europe. Fi example, created a summer house at Sopot which is at the moment called as the Maryla hotel & an special villas for those who visited him (previously the Magnolia hotel), whereas his wife played a major part in the making of St George’s Garrison Church present at the top part of the main route, ul. Bohaterów Monte-Cassino.

Even though there seems that there could be human civilizations at this place for more than 2,500 years, the fact is the town started developing only after Jean Georges Haffner, who was a doctor in Napoleon’s army got back after he was placed here during the period of Napoleonic Battles. The construction of a series of spas and bath houses at this place was the reason why it developed as a fashionable health resort that attracted a select, rich, and upper-class set drawn by a lively social lifestyle like the calming St Wojciech spring waters.

At the moment, Sopot is known to have the trendiest night life whereas its sheltered & sandy beaches along with a variety of top quality spas as well as hotels are attracting more and more people around the world. In addition, kilometers of forest paths & cycle routes make it perfect for the individuals who love active relaxation form while traveling during the warm summer periods. Also, this opens up plenty of occasions to do different things on the sea.

Amongst its other tourist destinations is bromide spring water fountain, which is called an “inhalation mushroom”.

Along with its sister town of Gdynia & Gdansk on both the sides, Sopot can be a superb place to travel and relax, visit different destinations & dance till the dawn.




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