Turin is located at the foot of the Alps where the Po and the Dora Riparia rivers meet in Northern Italy.

It’s a very technological and architectural city, with a variety of art galleries, churches and palaces. The city is known as the industrial capital of Italy. There are many interesting facts about Turin that make it an attractive place to visit. Some of the more notable ones include that it was considered by many as the Baroque capital of the world. This is due in part to its many Royal residences, church domes and architectural masterpieces created during the 17th and 18th centuries by architects like, Guarino Guarini and Filippo Juvarra.

View of the River Po Turin

View of the River Po Turin

Turin has two of the most important portraits in the world. One is the Holy Shroud which is kept in the 16th century Renaissance Cathedral (the Duomo) and the other is the Leonardo de Vinci’s self portrait. You’ll recognize the red chalk drawing of an aging Leonardo the minute you see it. Another great Museum to visit is the Egyptian Museum which is dedicated solely to Egyptian archaeology and anthropology, and is second only to that of the Cairo Museum. The museum dates back to the 16th century when Emanuele I of Savoy contracted Vitaliano Donati to secure Egyptian artefacts for his private collection. Turin offers a wide choice when it comes to museum’s some of the other’s are the Cinema Museum, placed inside the Mole, the Car Museum, the Puppet Museum and the Mountain Museum.

Turin is also known as Italy’s chocolate capital, so if you are a chocoholic you might wish to visit during the last week of March, as the annual chocolate festival takes place. You will find plenty of restaurants in which to indulge in Torinese dishes, as well as a number of cheaper eating places serving the kind of food you can find anywhere in the country. Five of the best Michelin Starred restaurants are Del Cambio, San Tommaso 10 Lavazza, Consorzio, Solferino and Tre Galline. If you don’t have a huge budget and you’re looking for cheaper places to eat then head to the snack bars and takeaways on Via Nizza. For a drink, snack or ice cream take a look in one of the cities fin de si? Le cafe?, which are a Turin institution.

Turin has always been considered one of the best places in Italy for quality shopping, given its high level of shops, small boutiques and well known chain stores. Via Roma is the main shopping street in Turin, which is in the heart of the city centre. Walking along this street, shoppers can stroll past the beautifully displayed windows of the cities most exclusive retail outlets. There is more shopping to be enjoyed in the streets adjacent to Via Roma where besides high fashion boutiques, there are also exclusive shops selling elegant furniture and fabrics, as well as jewellers, antique shops and craft shops.

Turin has a vibrant nightlife and most theatres and bars are located around the Piazza San Carlo. There is an abundance of popular places to drink and socialize in Turin. One lively spot is the Murazzi district, along the river Po and another is the old Roman quarter near Via Sant’Agostino. Classical music and Opera is also popular, there are regular classical concerts by the National Symphonic Orchestra at the Auditorium della RAI and Opera concerts staged at the cities venerable Teatre Regio.



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