Verona is well known for sights like the Arena, its art museums and the Verona Cathedral.

It’s perhaps one of the most famous destinations in North East Italy. Due to its numerous historic sites Verona was assigned UNESCO World Heritage Status in the year 2000. Undoubtedly its one of Italy’s most beautiful and romantic cities, with its narrow streets and medieval terraces it makes for an ideal short break. If you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city then make sure to take a walk around Giardino Giusti, which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy.

Verona_Arena (Roman Amphitheatre)

Verona_Arena (Roman Amphitheatre)

The city was used as the setting for two of Shakespeare’s plays, Two Gentleman from Verona and of course, Romeo and Juliet. Here is where you’ll find the Juliet balcony, but that’s not all the city has to offer. The city was occupied by Napoleon in 1797 and bounced back and forth between Napoleon, Austria and other kingdoms, finally becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Other great things to see are the San Zeno church, Piazza delle Erbe, Castelvecchio and the Scaligero Bridge. Verona also boasts some great festivals, one of the most popular being Verona in Love, which is a five day festival concentrated around Valentines Day in February.

For visitors planning to do a spot of shopping, Verona offers a good choice of shops, especially around the areas Via Mazzini, Corso Portoni Borsari, Via Roma, Via Cappello and Piazza Erbe. You’ll find most of the streets are lined with upscale shops like the Italian designer shoe store, Fratelli Rossetti. Verona’s largest shopping centre is Le Corte Venete, Viale del Commercio 1, with some of Verona’s favourite stores and restaurants, it’s definitely worth visiting. You will also find a great daily market on Piazza delle Erbe that sells clothes, fruit and vegetables. At the football stadium on a Saturday morning is a huge flea market with plenty of great stalls. If you are prepared to travel just outside of Verona then in Lugagnano is a wonderful shopping centre called La Grande Mela, which offers three floors and over 130 shops.

Like most Italian cities Verona is filled with expensive Michelin Starred restaurants, but if you take the time to explore the backstreets of this fascinating city you will discover traditional places serving wonderful cuisine at prices that rarely exceed 15 Euros. Just by the bank of the Adige River is a medieval arcade that is very popular with locals. Inside each arch is a different bar or café all serving traditional dishes all at a reasonable price. Over by the beautiful Giusti gardens is a popular restaurant well worth visiting called the Tutt’Art. Upstairs is a chic modern design and downstairs a medieval cellar. It’s great if you are looking for something different. The cuisine is Italian but influenced by Brazilian and Asian flavours.

Verona has a lively nightlife. You can find bars and clubs both within the city centre and on the city outskirts, but all the popular ones are found within the historic centre. Three of the most popular are the After Ego Club, Berfi’s Club and the ll Blocco Music Hall. If you are after some laid back Jazz and a quality glass of wine, then book a table at Cantina del’Arena. In my opinion nobody should visit Verona and not watch an Opera performance in the Roman Amphitheatre. On summer nights around 14,000 spectators fill the auditorium with lighted candles and settle down to a night of opera under the stars.

Giusti gardens Verona

Giusti gardens Verona






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